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Lessor Details

Lessee Details

Property Details

You can find these details on your rates notice.

Lease Details

When choosing a date, click the month name at the top of the popup to easily move between months or years.

The first day of the lease.

The last day of the lease.

This will be automatically calculated.

This is the further period (if any) that the lessee will be able to extend the lease for past the expiry date.

Yes, the Lessee has the option of additional terms of years each.

This is what the Lessee is allowed to use the premises for. Eg. 'Administration office'.

Excluding GST and written using numerals.

$ plus GST

Tick any that apply.

As a percentage. If the Lessee is responsible to pay all of the above selected outgoings, insert '100'. If the Lessee is only required to pay part of the total outgoings, insert that % - Eg. '50'.


Including GST and written using numerals.


Eg. directors of the Lessee if the Lessee is a company.

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