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Low Cost Leasing Templates

1 . How does the Lease merge process work? How quickly will I receive my Lease and can the document be edited?

Using our low cost leasing templates is quick and easy. Simply:
  1. select your template requirements and answer each of the lease questions by typing your answers into the boxes provide;
  1. Checkout using our secure payment gateway; and
  1. Voila! – your tailored Lease will instantly merge for you and a copy will also be emailed to you. Your merged Lease will be provided to you in Word form so that it is fully editable.
In addition to your merged Lease, we will also provide you with a guide to signing and finalising the lease. Please note that our Leasing merge is designed to be a low cost solution and therefore is without any direct involvement or advice from our lawyers. Please also note that our Lease has been prepared with the interests of the Lessor in mind and therefore a Lessee may not find this suitable to use.

2 . How much does it cost?

An all-inclusive fee of $299.

3 . Will the Lease document properly protect my interests as a Lessor?

Our expert lawyers have spent many hours painstakingly developing our Lease document to ensure its high quality and that it contains reasonably balanced terms but still in the interests of the Lessor. The individual circumstances of Leases vary and therefore we do not represent or guarantee that the Lease template is suitable for your circumstances. Rather, our Leasing merge process is designed as a low cost option for Lessors who elect not to have the direct involvement of a lawyer and who are comfortable to undertake the leasing process themselves. If you are not comfortable to do this and you require direct and tailored legal advice for your particular Lease circumstances, then we recommend that you instead engage our lawyers to prepare your lease for you.

4 . What type of Leases are your low cost leasing templates not suitable for?

We do not recommend you use our Lease template if:
  • There are any adverse matters affecting the premises or its land that need to be specifically dealt with in the Lease;
  • The tenure of the leased premises is not freehold (including without limitation State land);
  • The leased premises are outside of Queensland;
  • The Lease is a sub-lease;
  • You are a Lessee;
  • There are unusual terms to the Lease; or
  • You are not comfortable to undertake the leasing process yourself without the direct involvement of a lawyer.
Please note that we do not represent or guarantee that the Lease template is suitable for your circumstances, even if the above items do not apply.

5 . What if I am happy to handle the leasing process myself using your merge process but I just have one or two specific questions that I want to ask the lawyer? Or, what if I use the low cost leasing template and then later on realise I do in fact require a lawyer to draft some extra clauses?

Simply get in contact and our lawyers will be happy to assist and provide a quote.

6 . Is your Lease template suitable for leased premises that are not in Queensland?

Our Lease template is drafted to be applicable to leases in Queensland only. The laws regarding leasing can vary between States and other jurisdictions and therefore we do not recommend that you use our Lease template for a lease in a jurisdiction outside of Queensland.

Full Service Leasing

1 . What are you fees for a New Lease, Lease extension, Lease review and/or your other leasing services?

In our leasing service tab, click on the page for the service you require. Our list of fees is set out there.

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